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Long time no see!

We have kept you waiting so long, but we are finally here to announce, that we are re-starting this year’s kanaucafe from this Sunday, 21st!

Let us share a bit of practical info on our cafe:

  • Opening hour is from 7 AM to 10 AM on Sundays. Last order is 9:30 for food, 9:45 for drinks.
  • For this year, we don’t open the cafe on fourth Sunday, meaning that right after the first opening day this year – 28th – will be a closing day. We will upload our opening schedule every month, so please check out our social media or website.

During the break we kept exploring the vast and deep coffee-roasting-world, and as a result we have a completely different lineup this year, all of which have one of a kind, different flavor and aroma. To be honest we were bit on a slump in the end of last year – but we are very confident this year!

The rice paddy field in front of our cafe changes its scenery week after week. Come and enjoy the view with our food and coffee!