Usual Sunday morning, but with a little bit of special happiness.

A bit earlier wake up on a Sunday.

Nothing blocks the view up to the sky, birds singing, plants blowing in the wind, water flowing with sound.

At a Kominka, traditional Japanese house where time flows slowly, one cup of coffee gives you a breathing time.

We open this cafe, wishing to be a piece of someone’s happiness in his/her daily life.

Opening hours

7:00 – 10:00 AM, Every Sundays
(L.O. Food 9:30, Drinks 9:45)

*1 We may sometimes close the cafe even on Sunday. Please check the latest info on this website or on our SNS.

*2 We do not open in winter, from December to March. It’s only in warm seasons.

Home roasted coffee

Several kinds of coffee are available all the time.

We roast coffee to different extent from medium to full city, wishing to deliver the unique characteristics of each beans.

Have you ever tasted fruitiness from coffee?
We may be able to have you encounter a new coffee experience.


4-17-6, Hanenaka, Hamura, Tokyo

About “Suisha Goya”

When you open a map and try to find Kanaucafe, you may find a different place named “Suisha Goya” instead.

You are not mistaken – Suisha Goya is actually the one that kindly offered us, Kanaucafe to use their place on Sunday morning.

Suisha Goya is usually open six days a week and they serve very tasty and healthy drinks, lunch and sweets.

Please come to Hamura even when Kanaucafe is not open, and visit Suisha Goya too. You won’t regret it for sure!

You can find their info on their Facebook and Instagram below.